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Tax & Accounting Compliance

We understand the complex tax system and we are going to make that knowledge make sense to you or and your business. At AccountantSMART we will work with you to improve the management of your tax and accounting obligations.

When it comes to tax and accounting, we can manage your full compliance needs in this area or work with your internal accountants to review, reconcile, and lodge your activity statements.

Business tax compliance

Whether it is a sole trader, partnership, trust or a company, managing your tax and accounting needs is about understanding how you operate, how you need to be operating, and the most efficient and practical way of fulfilling your obligations. We manage your tax and compliance efficiently and effectively.

Individual tax compliance

If you’re a landlord, business owner, or shareholder, often your personal income tax needs are not that simple. We can help you identify the tax impact of the decisions you make and how you can achieve the best possible outcome.

GST compliance

AccountantSMART understands the GST and the implications of the legislation at a commercial level.

Managing fringe benefits tax

If you provide any benefits to employees, including directors, then it’s likely that Fringe Benefits Tax is an area of interest to you. FBT is one of those areas where an experienced team can make all the difference. AccountantSMART experienced team can assist you with:

  • FBT compliance and regulation
  • Salary packaging
  • Advice on the FBT treatment of specific benefits
  • Strategic FBT advice to set up, structure and review arrangement for employers.
Capital gains tax

Following events trigger CGT:

  • Issuing shares in a company at less than their value;
  • Reorganising or restructuring a business;
  • Death, divorce or dispute; or
  • Sale of business or succession;

If you make a capital gain you are liable to pay tax on it. Planning in advance or even simply asking one of our SMART tax specialists can make all the difference.

Tax planning

Tax is like any other cost in your business. It should be managed effectively so you don’t pay any more than you need to. AccountantSMART look at your business, the way it operates, the current position of your business and its likely future needs, and how to get the most effective tax outcome.

Preparation of financial reports

When we prepare financial statements, we look beyond the numbers to see where we can improve your tax and internal efficiencies. AccountantSMART can perform basic financial reports, if you require that. But, if you want AccountantSMART to help you identify how your business is performing, how it performs against industry benchmarks, and where improvements can be made we will provide expert and comprehensive financial reports as per your specific requirements.