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Business Strategy

Businesses without effective strategic planning might be significantly underperforming. AccountantSMART not only know what the legislation says but are able to explain what it means to your business and find the best solution from both taxation and commercial perspective. We really understand you and your business, so we can give you SMART business strategies that work for you. Our approach is commercially realistic and focused on creating a viable road map and implementation path to help you attain your following goals:

  • Competitive advantage;
  • Sustainable growth;
  • Performance improvement;
  • Improving efficiency and outcomes.
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Maximising profit

We work with you to make a practical action plan tailored for your business to improve profitability. We have a thorough understanding of the key drivers of profit and value at different stages of business. We understand your business, clients and team to execute a plan to grow sales, improve margins and reduce costs.

Improving cash flow

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. Effective cash flow management is crucial to the survival and growth of your business. A clear, comprehensive budget and cash flow forecast will be powerful tools in growing your business. With actively better working capital management you will have better control and increase in value of your business.

Structuring & restructuring

Strategic planning looks at your business as an asset and how the value of that asset can be improved over time and maximise return. We can help you provide the right solution for:

  • Establishing a new structure;
  • Have outgrown your current structure and need to know how to deliver the best outcome;
  • Restructuring; or
  • Unwinding an existing structure
Selling business

The demand and pricing for good businesses will depend on how well they are prepared and positioned for sale. AccountantSMART will take you through a sale of business process that we have refined over many years of working with clients. We work with you to:

  • Understand the value of your business
  • Prepare your sale timetable
  • Undertake any business improvements
  • assist with the sale process and
  • Manage any post settlement issues and your tax position.
Buying business

If you are buying a business, due diligence is essential to eliminate mistakes and misunderstandings that will dilute your investment. We work with you to:

  • Confirming that the business is what it appears to be;
  • Identifying potential defects and avoiding a bad business transaction;
  • Gaining information that will be useful for valuing assets, defining representations and warranties, and negotiating better price;
  • Verifying that the transaction complies with investment or acquisition criteria; and
  • Examining historical and forecast financial information and operational procedures.
Business valuation & appraisal

A valuation provides an independent opinion and a basis to confirm the value of any business. Business valuation and appraisal is a specialist service providing an independent assessment of any business and it’s potential. Typically, clients utilise this service for:

  • Sale of business and succession;
  • Assessing a business opportunity or merger;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Capital raising and other financial requirements;
  • Where there has been a death or family law dispute;
  • Tax requirements; and
  • Shareholder disputes.

Succession is very important when you want to grow and protect the value of your business across generations. Generational succession is when your business is passed to family members, generally, your children or relative. With generational succession, there is continuity of family ownership and often the business itself. Making sure that everyone understands what the transition will mean and that everyone is aware of their role and responsibilities, avoiding misunderstandings and disputes.

It is necessary to consider a wide range of issues including the impact of taxation, protection from creditors, government social security regulations and family law. Successful estate planning and asset protection is a result of attention to detail and a planned co-ordination effort of experts in taxation, accounting, legal and superannuation.
AccountantSMART advisers can work with you and other professional advisors to ensure that plans are put in place to assist you with wealth creation, preservation and ultimate distribution to your desired beneficiaries.
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